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Moon Woman—The House Card

A healer resides within each and every one of us.
As part of the experience of being a woman in this life cycle, you are ultimately connected to the cycles of the moon.Women are healers, midwives, consultants, and scientists. They are the life force that inspires and instigates the birth and creativity of the universe in its various expressions and manifestations.
Today women are able to own their power, to own their identity and to create and develop their lives in ways that influence their surroundings. According to the ancient Native Indian tradition and life path, woman is a
Goddess who birthed the universe, the moon and the planet Earth, and she gives life to all creatures and beings and nurtures them. Therefore she is connected to the changing cycles of the moon. And she is directly connected to the spiral movement of Grandmother Tonantzin (the heart of planet Earth).
A woman is born and grows, matures, gives birth to and nurtures all those around her. She grows old and dies. She is a circle within a circle, a cycle within a cycle, never ending, infinite. When women awaken and realize they have the ability to heal themselves, to impact their surroundings, they understand that
they can change the order and laws of the world as we know it. When women learn themselves and their power and reclaim their strength and potency, they can bring about global healing. The Ancient path of rituals will meet and merge with the new path, and a circle, which is a new and holy space, will be created, a space where women can be who they truly are without fear of being put on thestake.

When women will join with one another and call on change, a new culture will beborn. A culture of mutual respect, of equality. A culture of peace and love on Earth. 

Change and healing can come about in many different ways. The first step towards change is in recognition, and not in relating. When the need and desire is a change in one’s daily practice, the cards are a strong tool and resource of support; a diverse, energetic tool that affects one’s consciousness and works on one’s energetic centers. The cards en-root information and inspiration within your body and mind. Work with the cards will encourage and support new directions and fresh steps within your life. Following are instructions for a basic energetic work method in your day-to-day life.
Good luck!


Moon Woman—The House Card

A woman’s shape shifts, her form changes as the moon in its various phases, flowing as a river, quiet and embracing as a lake’s waters, stormy as the sea; all of her parts contained within a single teardrop running down her face. A woman alters, as does the moon. At times she will be round and full, whole and luminous,
content with herself; at others, she may seem to be half-lit, half-shadowed; at others still, sharp and cutting as a razor’s edge. For an instance she may be entirely hidden and totally invisible—she simply disappears. But deep within her being, however, in her centre, at her core, she is connected to her source. There, she always remains to be the same woman. Always shining and radiant as the full




The Inner Women’s Circle

When you go inwards, you will discover within you A magnificent tribe of women, Right in the centre of your being, A tribe of women there for you.
The baby, the child, the maiden, the woman, the mother and the grandmother— All of them are You. You are not alone, they have always been there, Go within and see for yourself. They are your sisters, your friends, they are your tribe, the inner circle within you.
The most loyal, honest and loving, Collecting and hugging you towards yourself. We are committed to learning ourselves, For the sakes of our children and ourselves. When your foundations are strong, your tribe grows and Meets other tribes.
So why search outside for what already exists within?
Go inside, come home, and see the inner women’s circle that resides within your




My heart is full of gratitude.
My story began when I was born to my parents, who raised me with great love. Much thanks to them, I am what I am today. Thank you mother, thank you father. Huge thanks to my beautiful boys, Zohar and Kesem, for having turned me into a mother, and for being such an important part of my life story. I love you.

Omer, my beloved husband, thank you so much for who and what you are in my life; you are my best friend, and the most incredible partner in this life journey. Thank you for your support this lifetime around.

Thank you to Sahar Hofi for our wonderful partnership and for the creative connection between us, for your ability to understand my words with precision, for your colour and artistic finesse. Every card is a birth in itself.
Thanks to all the characters, the Goddesses in the cards, for having agreed to be revealed to me in dream, one by one, and to whisper your words to me, magical words of healing and empowerment.

Thank you to all those who supported this dream, believed in it and helped it come true here and now.

Thank you Great Spirit, for your teachings to me as I walk this path, for abundance and for the gifts you send me. Thank you for believing in me and for supporting me along the way. Thank you for the wordless language between us, which sends me deep within myself to listen, time and again. 

And thanks to myself for who I am, for my brave and open heart—to create, to flow, to actualize and connect spirit with matter. Thanks to myself that I am learning to love more and more parts and archetypes within me. Thank you to the baby, the child, the maiden, the woman, the mother and the grandmother within me.

And thanks to you for choosing my creation to learn with and to heal from. This supports me in the realization of a great dream.
We are One.

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