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About The Creator

I am Racheli, and I’ve been walking this life path for the last 42 years.
I am a medicine woman of the sacred Red Road, the path of the heart.

I am a teacher, creator, dreamer and manifestor. A man’s woman to my dear Omer, and mother to two beautiful boys, Zohar (12)
and Kessem (10). Being a family woman is my principal and most beloved destiny.

My Childhood

I grew up in Zichron Yaakov, Israel, in a house with ancient roots and deep traditions. My father came from India, my mother from Morocco, and my spirit was born a Shaman. I grew up in a tribe; my mother birthed five girls and three boys. The house was always joyful with children, and I was a very shy girl, closed. My grandmother Rachel from my mother’s side—may she rest in peace—after whom I was named, lived with us and had a huge role in our upbringing. She would tell us stories in Moroccan about ghosts and spirits and the beliefs of ancient cultures. One of the greatest gifts I received—quite early on, in my childhood—were my dreams. I would dream and awaken to tell my parents excitedly about my dreams, as though they were the reality of another world I lived in. When I grew up, I realized what a great gift lies within my dreams. Most of the messages and information I receive is at night, during dreamtime, and today I use the tool of dreaming in my work with people. At the age of five I lost my brother Ofer in a car accident. At 11 and a half, I lost my father in a car accident. There, I lost much of my faith in life. Alongside the pain, my strength and healing abilities were awoken. I matured quickly and turned into my family’s main support system.

My Roots

At the age of 20, when I completed my army service, I flew to South America and went on my long awaited trip there. The Native Indian culture is home to me and the South American continent always intrigued me, and when I was there I felt belonging, I felt as though I’d lived upon this soil many times before. I travelled for a year and there I met, for the first time, the wound that had grown within me from the moment I’d lost my brother and my father, and understood that if I didn’t tend to it, it would grow deeper and greater.
From this understanding emerged my desire to revisit to my father’s roots, and so I travelled to India for a year. There too I discovered a home and a strong connection to the culture. I began practicing Vipassana (retreat of quiet meditation and inner contemplation lasting ten days), which was a huge discovery, a deep healing to my soul, and of great significance and meaning to me until this day.

Healing as a Way of Life

Immediately after the Vipassana retreat I met my partner and the father of my children, Omer. We continued traveling around the world together for another year, visiting Europe, Africa and India once more. Travel is one of our joint loves and we haven’t stopped until this day. Over the years I learned and underwent various healing practices, one of them being dance—belly dance and improvisation, with two different teachers whom I studied with for 6 years. Dance supported my pregnancies and the natural births I experienced. My body language changed. Expression through the body is extremely significant in my opinion and experience, as it fuses and unites both spirit and matter. I went on healing myself in different methods: guided visualization, channeling, different forms of meditation, and an understanding that healing is an inseparable part of my life. It is important to me as a woman and as a mother to heal my soul, for myself and for those surrounding me, to attain a better life.


When I became a mother for the first time, I began creating from a deep place of listening to what was being asked—creation was born from within me and passed through me—the creation of Shamanic leather works, without having ever learnt the techniques of leather craftsmanship. This was the magical creation of a medicine woman that grew and developed over five years. And just as it came, so did it end one fine day, and transformed into the healing of women. I am very attentive and loyal to myself and to the path by which I grow, develop and change over the years, the path of spirit. I am connected to and understand the necessary healing of humankind, and
currently focus on women as a part of my destiny.
I personally learned about myself that every stone we meet along the way can become a milestone. And so it is  I lead women’s workshops, guide Shamanic rituals, hold self-empowerment
women’s circles, support women throughout their personal life processes, and remind women of the power within them to change.
remind women of the power within them to change.

 רחלי וורולקר דורנאי,נוצות
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